Puer Tea Storage Jars

Dai Pottery for Puer Tea Storage.

These traditional Dai earthenware jars are  ideal for storing Puer tea. They are hand made and fired in a wood kiln.  The variation in colour comes from the difference in temperature in different parts of the kiln. Black jars are fired to a higher temperature so maintain a lower moisture content.

We sell  jars in a variety of sizes that are made to traditional patterns as well as some more contempoary designs. We can also have them made to order. If you have specific requirements please contact us with your details in order that we may assist you.

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Puer Tea Storage Jar

Medium size terracotta jar. 12cm tall qnd 14cm in diameter at the widest point. Good for storing a broken cake or loose tea.

Weight: 900g

Price: 130RMB

puer tea storage jar

Puer Tea Storage Jar

These medium earthenware jars are 13cm tall and 12cm in diameter.

They will easily accomodate a broken 250g cake.

Weight: 900g.

Price: 120 RMB

puer tea storage jar

Small Storage Jar

These jars are good for storing leaf tea and will accomodate around 350g of loose leaf or broken cake. Dimensions are 13cm tall and 14cm in diameter.

Weight: 700g.

Price: 130 RMB


Small Jar with 'stupa' style lid.

These jars are a good size for storing small amounts of loose leaf tea or broken tea cakes.

Dimensions are 9cm tall to the rim and 14cm diameter. 15cm tall to the tip the lid.

Weight: 400g.

Price: 110 RMB

puerh tea storage jar

Large Cylindrical Jar

jar is 26cm tall and 23cm in diameter.

These jars will store a tong of 357g puer cakes, or seven to eight individual cakes.

Weight: 4kg

Price: 290RMB



Traditional Dai Pottery in Xishuangbanna

Handmade pottery from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

click on the image above, or here, for a series of photographs of the manufacturing process

Storing Raw Puer Tea

The storage of Raw Puer tea is a critical aspect of the ageing process. If done properly, a good tea will improve with age and a poor tea may become more palatable.

Puer tea should be stored away from stong smells which it will absorb. It should be stored where there is a flow of air and with a relatively high humidity (60-80%). Higher humidity helps the ageing process, but if too wet there is a risk of mould. Tea should be kept away from direct sunlight, but it is acceptable to air it which can help remove odours.

Puer should be stored at a moderate temperature; too high will risk the tea maturing poorly but too low a temperature will slow down the ageing process.  A temperature between the upper 20's and mid-30's is ideal. We suggest storing Puer tea in earthenware jars as it helps stabilise temperature and humidity fluctuations and allows the tea to breathe.

Read more here on the details of aged Puer tea and the ageing process

medium jar with belly for puer storage

Medium Storage Jar

These jars are about 16cm to the top of the lid and 11cm in diameter at the belly of the jar.

Ideal for storing small amounts of broken cake or loose tea.

Weight: 400g.

Price: 110 RMB